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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  March 21, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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is dead and several others injured in a crash resulting in a pileup on i-95. march sadness, st. joes comes up short in their effort to upset a number one seed team. they fought to the last minute and looked good doing it. good morning. it is monday, march 21, matt o'donnell is off, nydia han is joining us. we are enjoying this video, but we have team coverage of the spring snow, annie mccormick and there's david murphy and karen. hi, guys. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, we have the last of the wet snow getting ready to clear the coast very quickly. there's a steadier band in southern burlington county. the net effect of this on roads is wet road conditions. there's a possibility of coverage on side streets and secondaries. it is in the process of moving off quickly. appears the winter weather
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advisory has been canceled by the shore. another indication that things are improving and the storm system is getting out of here quickly. the snow did come through philadelphia, with temperatures on the ground all we recorded at the airport was a trace. in most cases you've got wet lawns, in some cases more, a low-impact event. 30 if lancaster, 33 in millville. temperatures maintaining above the freezing mark down the shore, as well where the last of the wet snow is continuing. we have wet roads toward the east but they will dry out with the breezes and sunshine. the temperatures will be around the freezing mark between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. bundle up for that. as we roll through the day, we get more and more sunshine. the temperatures go up, we're going for a high of 50 degrees
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at about 3:30 p.m. lots of sunshine returning today. it will be breezy, but a pretty nice come back after a somewhat messy overnight. karen rogers what are you seeing on the traffic cameras? mainly wet? right now they are mainly wet. we're watching traffic moving just fine, 42 northbound at creek road where the roads are wet. i noticed the off ramps we're seeing snow on the sides of the ramps, be careful of the overpasses and bridges. highways are looking good, just wet. we have a fatal accident on route 55. southbound at new garden road. that's the exit for 32. all lanes are blocked now that they have fatal accident. it's a vehicle that hit into a salt truck. a terrible accident, it's a fatal scene. police are investigating. stick to route 47 delsea drive.
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i-95 looking at the southbound traffic at allegheny we've got a car stopped off to the side. this is a good shot of the road conditions even though it's a shaky camera shot. we're a little damp on i-95. it's more of an issue in new jersey where the snow is coming down heavily. vine street expressway, westbound, eastbound, no problems, no overnight construction, very light volume and nobody slipping or sliding, just a little damp on the roads, tam. thank you, karen. now, let's switch live to vernon odem in south philadelphia, he is following a deadly crash that happened as the snow was falling on i-95. good morning, vernon. >> reporter: good morning, tamala, it happened i-95 northbound near the broad street entrance, i-95 is reopened after a 4 1/2 hour shut down. state police investigated and clean up, a fatalities accident that left one male dead and five others hospitalized. it was the scene after
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11:00 p.m. northbound i-95 near the broad street entrance, four vehicles involved. it took all that time for the investigation and the cleanup. no word on whether this was weather related. those are all the details we have so far, the deceased is a male. tamala, we are waiting for more information from state police as they gather up what happened with the accident. again, i-95 northbound reopened after a long lengthy overnight shut down, one person was killed, five others at jefferson hospital. live in south philadelphia, vernon odem channel 6 "action news." tamala. thank you for that, vernon. let's take you over to mobile 6 on the move its way down i-95 heading toward wilmington. you can see the wind shield wipers going. we can see flurries out there. as it hits the surface, most of it is meting and wet roads.
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it's on grassy surfaces. treat it as a rain event where you have to go a little slower and give yourself extra time. let's go over to annie mccormick in ham recall -- hamilton township, new jersey. how are you doing now? >> reporter: we're seeing flurries, a half-hour ago, we were seeing heavier snow. this is what the grassy areas will look like in the areas where the snow fell. take a look at the video, this is video from 40 minutes ago around the area of the atlantic city expressway where we are right now in hamilton township. the south jersey transportation authority that takes care of the atlantic city expressway they have crews coming out salting making sure everything is safe for riders as they head down the expressway this morning. what is not a concern this morning is freezing roadways.
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they are not seeing any problems with that, they are seeing slick conditions with puddles and things of that nature. however, as you drive down the atlantic city visibility it's been an issue depending on which kind of snow squall you hit as you head down the roadways. trees and grassy areas you're seeing accumulation. realty at at -- first day of spg was yesterday, and rita's giving out free water ice. rita's and it's free. it's good. >> reporter: i'm sure it was good. taking a look back again on the atlantic city expressway as the morning commute is beginning to pick up, it's early yet, again we're told, we saw a plow truck leave a short time ago, it was the second one we saw in the
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last half-hour, they will be patrolling the area and maintaining them and making sure the roads are good for everyone. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." thanks for the update. the early morning snow left a slick sheen on the roads in ardmore. the action cam saw the snow overnight, but it was barely enough to leave a coating on the sidewalk. you can find storm tracker 6 live at any time head to the turnpike commission is taking a closer look at a security system after a deadly attempted holdup by a retired trooper. police say clarence briggs was trying to tie up the toll collector. a security guard happened on the scene, briggs gunned down the guard and danny crows, arriving troopers exchanged fire with
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briggs and he was fatally wounded. one person was rushed to the hospital after a serious crash in new castle county, delaware. it happened along 49 5 in edgemore. the driver rolled a pick up truck several times. they are investigating. talk about a case of the mondays, the hawks led top seeded oregon with five minutes ago. oregon inches out st. joe's by a score of 59 to 64. they gave it a great fight, but the hawks tournament run is over. >> reporter: now we get to watch the ugly yellow uniforms again, people love the duck uniforms, i don't get it. storm tracker 6 live double scan, what have we got out there, some of the wet snow.
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it's well away from philadelphia at this point and continue to go push close to areas around wrightstown and browns mills. medford lakes is just about done. hammonton will be finished soon. in philadelphia we got a trace out of this, some suburbs we got a coating on the lawns, but it's melting. the closer you are to the coast, the better chance you have of slushiness on side streets and secondaries. but generally speaking the temperatures maintain above the freezing mark. homefully you're getting around okay this morning. this will be off the coast before too much longer. let me show you the wide view. you can see most of cape may county is being covered by the light wet snow. salem county and cumberland county just about ready to say goodbye to the last of the wet snowflakes. as we look outside the stuff will be off the coast in another 30 to 60 minutes in up in philadelphia, no more active
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precipitation, although we are waiting for sunup and between now and then we'll be looking at slightly damp conditions down on paved surfaces, that appears to be the case at the airport. 36 degrees in philadelphia. wet roads around pennsylvania. 32 down to the freezing mark in trenton, but, again, in most cases with temperatures above freezing the last a couple of days you're looking at wet conditions. take it slow. 33 in millville. 33 in cape may. 33 at the airport in atlantic city. didn't get a whole lot of snow out of this, just a trace in philadelphia and new castle county delaware. mount holly, .2. half inch in atlantic city. howell township in monmouth county .1 of snow. as we look at future tracker 6 view, the clouds will give way to sunshine as soon as late this morning or by noon. in the lehigh valley 49 is the high there.
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down the shore we'll go for a high of 48 degrees sunny and breezy there, as well. in philadelphia, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, you see a high this afternoon of 50. so we do recover it will be bright with a lot of the sunshine out there, breezy and probably cool enough to keep that coat handy today. a bit milder on tuesday, 56 degrees up to 68 wednesday and 71 on thursday. on good friday we'll see morning showers and sun returning in the afternoon. a little cooler, but a nice seasonable high of 64. down to 59 on saturday, not a bad day. easter sunday is looking like a mixture of clouds and sun, nice high of 63. there he is -- there's a chance of rain at night on thursday, for now we're going for a dry easter sunday. 4:41. still to come on "action news," we're learning about the marine killed by rocket fire in iraq over the weekend. a tournament director's comments on women in tennis is
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causing controversy. >> reporter: here looking at the schuylkill expressway at gulph mills heading toward king of prussia. roads damp here, we'll show you when it looks like on route 100 when "action news" comes right back.
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a live look here, traffic getting going on monday morning, up and over the platt bridge. it doesn't look so bad, 4:45, 36 degrees. in some parts we're dealing with flurries. the roads are wet behind you, karen. >> reporter: for the most part, the roads are wet. i have noticed snow on the sides of the ramps, be careful of that. looking live route 100 at commerce drive nice and clear through this intersection. often times when you get light snow it starts to accumulate on the sides of the roads, but we're not seeing that here. the ben franklin bridge no speed restrictions, a good sign, people are saying it's just wet, slow it down, we had a terrible accident in the overnight hours, even a puddle could cause problems as you're driving.
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no problems on the area bridges looking good. we had a fatal accident route 355 southbound at new garden road still shut down in the area while they conduct their accident investigation. you can stick to 47 as the alternate for that one. people have been allowed to get by on the shoulder. that's about it. i-95 at cottman, southbound traffic heading toward center city, light volume, it's too early. nobody is up and awake just yet. first up, storm tracker 6 live double scan, the snowfall that we've had has been pushing off the coastline and moving rapidly, as we go in tighter than this you'll notice a fine line of lavender, see that streak, that's where annie mccormick showed us it was coming down pretty good and accumulating on the grassy surfaces. otherwise it's a snow flurries for the most part or a snow shower hugging the coastline and
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pushing out. if you're in an area that has a heavy every band, there's reduced visibility, atlantic city airport, 1.7 miles. a bus carrying university exchange students crashed in northeastern spain killing 13 passengers and injuring 34 others. investigators say the bus appears to have hit a guardrail before cartwheeling across the road and through a dividerrer and landing on -- drierd -- divider and landing on its side. a staff sergeant from southern california was a marine killed by rocket fire in iraq. the word comes as the pentagon plans to send more troops to the middle east to bolster the fight against isis in northern iraq. 3600 u.s. personnel are there already. some of the biggest names
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in tennis are firing back at the tournament director's comments on women. he said they were lucky and owed their status to the stars of the men's game. he said some of the up and comers in women's tennis are getting more attention because of their looks. serena williams and billy jean kingd williams tournament caused a sellout before the men's for the first time in history.
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there was a big party for a woman who truly shows age is just a number. the merion golf club hosted a 100th birthday for sherm caldwell. she plays golf and bridge twice a week and volunteered at bryn mawr hospital for 40 years. she may be the last person still alive who witnessed bobby jones win, she said she played hooky from school to see it. >> reporter: how about that, playing golf, how about her. this is 202, traffic here is moving nicely. often time at the intersection when you have light snow you see it on the sides and the turn lanes, not today. looking good. mass transit is looking good, as
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well. >> reporter: winter weather advisory has been cancel down by the shore. -- canceled down the by the shore even though we have light snow left over. temperatures are above the freezing level. we have mainly wet roads. be careful you may run to slush or slick spots. generally speaking things are improving. wet roads in and around the city. if you're dressing the kids we have temperatures in the 30s, bundle them up early. this afternoon we'll see the numbers rise abit. we'll see improvement and the kids go into lighter gear. for now we're looking into the suburbs and freezing zone, cinnaminson, 32, hammonton, 32. mainly wet roads, take it slow if you see the car thermometer get on down there. this afternoon, 4:00 p.m., the high is 50 degrees, lots of sunshine and breezy later, tam? thank you, david. season 22 with "dancing with the stars" debuts on 6abc.
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12 celebrities battle for the mirror ball trophy. several nfl players will dance. had a geraldo rivera and ginger zee will dance, tune in for the season premier tonight at 8:00 p.m. on 6abc. i love this, 9-year-old rock and roll fan got an excuse note sign the by the boss himself. they want to the bruce springsteen show last night. he held up a sign saying bruce he will be late please sign my note. he did better than that, he brought them back stage and wrote the.
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damage to a home in philadelphia's brewery town section. the blaze broke out on north 30th street yesterday afternoon. firefighters got to the scene to find heavy flames on the second floor. an "action news" viewer shot video of the intense scene. look at the flames billowing out from the second floor. no injuries are reported, investigators are trying to find out what kicked off the fire. flags in i indiana are beig flown at half staff after being shot serving a warrant, a sheriff was shot. deputies returned fire killing the suspect.
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4:56. still ahead on "action news," the third time in 6 weeks, someone vandalized a black lives matter sign at a cherry hill church we have the details. singer adele was left in turmoil after she was hacked by a crazed fan who posted private photos. those stories and more when "action news" continues.
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5:00 a.m., monday march 21, i'm tamala edwards along with nydia
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han, matt o'donnell is off today we're working on several developing stories. a deadly crash police are working to find out what caused a fatal pileup on i-95 overnight. we're live with the details. change is in the air in cuba as president obama perhaps to spend his first full day on the island. spring has sprung at least on the calendar, but snow could cause a messy commute this morning. let's go over we have our annie mccormick live in south jersey with the conditions. first up. let's look at weather and traffic with david murphy and karen rogers, good morning to all of you. >> reporter: we have snow hugging the coast on its way away from us, wet roads back in philadelphia. anywhere you see 32 on the car thermometer that might be the case in the northern suburbs you might want to slow it down. we might see wet roads out of this, very little snow accumulation, same story to the south,


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